DESTINO Tour in Spain

DESTINO in Valencia

From the 2nd to the 28th October DESTINO Dance Company was performing and teaching in Spain.

At the High School of Dance of Madrid, Junaid Jemal Sendi and Addisu Demissie gave a master class on contemporary, African and Ethiopian dance. They also lead an integrative dance workshop for three days. Students and teachers from different backgrounds attended the classes and more than 200 people joined the presentation of the company.

In the frame of the Conference on Disability – Without Limits, DESTINO performed Tilla and Ene Man Negn in Centro de Arte in Alcobendas in Madrid. In collaboration with Teatro del Barrio, also in Madrid, a 4-day workshop on African and Ethiopian dance together with improvisation was taught by Junaid and Addisu. Moreover, two other shows of Tilla and Ene Man Negn took place with the sold out sign.

Time in Madrid was also a fantastic opportunity to meet crucial people in the Spanish dance scene from both institutional and artistic sides. It enabled DESTINO to make contact with integrative dance companies, Government representatives, foundations, dance festival organizers, choreographers and the mass media. Future collaborations are already on the way for 2015.

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On the last week of the tour, DESTINO travelled to Valencia to participate in the 10 Sentidos Festival and was awarded with the Contest Prize on the 25th October. The Festival was an enriching experience and also gave DESTINO the opportunity to meet again dance companies such as Candoco. DESTINO was also invited by Abay Association to give a presentation of the company and a dance workshop for children that was a moving experience for both DESTINO and the families.

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We want to thank all people who made this tour in Spain possible, by helping us finding a house, bringing a stick to perform, attending the shows, giving us a rehearsal space or just finding time to receive us to know more about our vision and plans. We are very grateful to you from the bottom of our heart.

Addisu, Junaid, Claire and Marta