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The European Union has awarded DESTINO Dance Company to implement the multistakeholder project 'ADEY – a journey of exploration and enrichment of Ethiopia’s dance culture’ that aims at preserving and promoting traditional dance in the country and developing Ethiopian-contemporary dance.

DESTINO Dance Company is the first social enterprise on dance in Ethiopia. Since its launch in 2014, the company has created opportunities for dozens of disadvantaged groups in Ethiopia to grow physically, mentally and emotionally through dance. Moreover, DESTINO organises events and festivals, and trains and performs both in Ethiopia and abroad, therefore developing Ethiopian-contemporary dance as a unique art form and promoting the image of Ethiopia abroad. 

ADEY project is based on the idea that preserving and promoting cultural heritage strengthens social cohesion and national identity. DESTINO’s project aims at: 

1) Promoting and preserving the culture of Ethiopia’s regions and ethnic groups through traditional dance by carrying out RESEARCH in 6 regions of the country. 

2) Providing training on teaching and choreography in the regions to encourage CREATION at local level.

3) Sharing findings with the general public and Ethiopian institutions and professionals by organising the first Ethiopian dance FESTIVAL in Addis Ababa in October 2017, inviting dancers from the regions to perform, and producing a scientific publication and a film on the research.

The project will have a duration of 18 months and will be implemented in collaboration with other important stakeholders such as the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Regional Bureaus, the University of Addis Ababa and the University of Frankfurt (Germany), and the local and international private sector. This project provides with opportunities, not only for dancers, but also for other professionals in the arts sector such as designers, producers, filmakers, writers and musicians, who will be able to join it and develop their skills.

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